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ParkZone Vapor

The ParkZone Vapor is a great new indoor flyer for everyone from a starting pilot to the veteran pilot. The Park Zone Vapor is amazingly light weighing only 12 grams flying weight. The battery life of the Vapor is also amazing! The 3.7 volt 70mAh battery allows you to fly for almost 20 minutes! With one added battery you can have almost nonstop flying. The Vapor comes in two versions Vapor RTF and the innovative Vapor Bind-N-Fly. Both versions use DSM2 technology. The RTF version comes with a radio that can be only be used with the Vapor. On the other hand the Bind-N-Fly version can be used with any DSM2 spektrum radio. This also includes the spektrum radio included with the Blade CX2 Helicopter. This also allows people who have upgraded to Spektrum radios the ability to add this great plane to their collection with ease.

When I first opened the box I was amazed at the packaging of the the plane. The Vapor is held in place with two styrofoam blocks. The box also doubles as a carrying case for the Vapor. The charger is small and compact, it charges the li-po battery with the 4 included AA batteries. I recently purchased a Blade 400 Helicopter that includes the DX6i radio, so I decided to use that for the Vapor. The Bind process was easy and I was immediatly flying. With the high surface area of the Vapor I was able to almost float it around the hobby shop. After a few min's of flying I was comfortable enough to start trying some aerobatics. The plane has enough power to do loops and almost 3D flight. I was also impressed with the speed of the plane when full throttle was used. It will get up and go when you want it to.

The Vapor is also very durable for how feather light it is, in fact that is why it is so durable. At 12 grams it doesn't have enough mass to do any damage to itself or things around it. After a week of flying the plane I am still impressed by the ability of the plane and how much overall fun it is.

If you are looking for something fun the Vapor is the way to go!

Apex Hobby